Policies & Rule

Your safety is our primary concern, we want to ensure a safe environment & fun fishing trip for everyone!

ONLY the Captain reserves the right to cancel trips due to inclement weather or dangerous sea conditions. Rain is not a reason to cancel. Trips canceled by the Captain will be rescheduled on a mutually convenient date.

All trips will be confirmed 24 hours in advance.

CompTime operates under the USCG Zero Tolerance Policy regarding illegal substances. NO amount of illegal substances are permitted any discovered will result in the termination of the charter without refund. 

Beer and wine are permitted in moderation, no hard liquor or illegal drugs are permitted onboard. 

If any passenger becomes intoxicated ( as determined by the Capt.) the boat will return to port without refund.

Our boat is maintained for the comfort & safety of all our passengers. Anyone carelessly or intentionally damaging the vessel or it's equipment will be charged for the repair and or replacement of the damaged item.